Борислава Джулия
Borislava Stoimenova
Julia Sekulova

We are two students from 12th A from FLHS “Acad. Lyudmil Stoyanov”, Blagoevgrad. Inspired band determined, we took on the uneasy task of helping the youth in search of their vocation and career path and to show them that there is a bright future in Bulgaria.

Our idea was born when we started preparing for the matriculation exams that are ahead of us this year. Our minds were full of questions, but none of them were about the exams. No... We were asking ourselves: "And now – where to?" After the exams there were many other decisions to be made, one of which was the selection of a university.  A university, which will give us a foundation for a brand new beginning. At the same time, our studies should be relatable to us, be close to our interests and preferences, something that we are passionate about. That’s when we turned to a helping tool to make this decision. In this moment the idea was born – a site, which will help everybody, experiencing hesitation in the selection of a major.