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Eleventh and twelfth grade are an exciting, but at the same time a stressful period in the life of a youth. Everybody is wondering what to pursue and is faced with a crucial question – what is my vocation?
The aim of our site is to help everybody find themselves and turn into the person they dream of becoming as soon as possible. Of course, there is no way of knowing what we want to do with our life at this fragile age. Everything appears unfamiliar, frightening. We’re scared of change, however it is necessary in order to mature into individuals. And what better than a little push in that direction? Our site does just that – it makes it easier for graduates to select a university and the perfect choice for them. And what would be your choice ?

Take our quiz, in order to find out which group of people you belong to and the most suitable major for you:

My parents have high expectations for me
My grandparents won't set me free
But I just want to succeed
And find out who i want to be

Designer, doctor,
Fireman, policeman...
What am i good for?
How do I create my heaven?

It's like I just learned
what is two times two
But no answer have I heard
And now - where to?